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December 08, 2010



I like the way various Irish people say "ah, jaysus, its not that bad" or "bloody British newspapers running us down."

They are the people who voted for Fianna Fail after the corruption of the 80's, took out massive mortgages and now that the bubble has burst are 'angry' at the government but share the same goal.

That we should try and turn the clock back to 2006 and everything will be grand.

David McWiliams, Morgan Kelly, Fintan O'Toole. These eminent thinkers are viewed as headbangers because they seek to remould the status quo and create an economy where this never happens again.

But no, gimme me job back, gimme sky high rip-off cost of living prices and most importantly gimme a 40 year mortgage so I can boast to me friends about how much my house is worth.

Until history repeats itself, in 20-30 years time. Ireland is stuck on a loop.

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