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April 23, 2010



I admire your optimism as I read your archived posts. That is not to say that I agree with most of them. In this post a chart is proffered that conveniently ends at the year 2000. To illustrate a relevent trend, the chart should have continued to at least 2010, and really 2011, as the writing is already smeared on the wall. Just the years of 2009 and 2010 would have matched all the deficits for the years 1980 through 1997.
When the wheels fall off your American Flyer, and they will trying to bear the load of socialist crap loaded upon it, the road ahead will disappear, giving us a great view of the abyss.
Tens of millions of people like myself will give up on the country overnight, reduce our "standards of living", and ride off into whatever retirement offers us, and quickly.
Looking at my situation, my very comfortable house is paid for and constantly maintained, by me. My cars and toys are paid for and maintained, by me. I have decided to take my Socialist Security checks at the earliest, June 2012, combine it with my few tens of thousands of annual airline pension dollars and use any part of the IRA funds I may want, but really don't need.
I am dropping off the grid as a productive working American, a decision made easy by my disgust with this country's amnesty-leaning Kenyan, socialist policies, and general hatred for earned livings.
You say twenty years down the road looks scary? I think five years down the road is a disaster. I will get what I can while it lasts. And I am not even counting on five years. It is called capitulation.

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