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November 13, 2009



OK, if I wanted Little Mary Sunshine, I'd rent the video.

The graph clearly shows that there are fewer job openings now than at any other time covered in the chart. In fact, job openings have, until just the past couple of months, represented the smallest share of employment on record. Jobs are scarcer, relative to the size of the economy, than at any time since this particular report has been published. And your conclusion is that it's easy to get work? Or something weaselier than that, so you can sound like you mean it's easy to get work, then backtrack if somebody calls you on it?

It's a good thing that many workers are so discouraged that they aren't trying hard to find work? Let's just assume, for fun, that people aren't as dumb as they look. If they don't think there are many jobs to be had, maybe that's because there aren't many jobs to be had, relative to what is needed to absorb all of them. If so, then none of the chit-chatty nonsense about how its great the other guy isn't looking very hard so it's easier for YOU, Mister! to get a job is going to change reality.

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