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March 19, 2009



I just answered your poll "different from before", but thought I'd add a bit of color...

The business downturn has been very good for my small business (5 people). After a small lull last summer, we've been going gangbusters since. I'm guessing that the layoffs and shifting account management relationships have created significant space for us...much like a forest fire removes dead wood and old growth and allows for renewal of the ecosystem.

Could also be that we decided to maintain our positivity. All recessions end and we decided to view this time as an opportunity for us to grow. It's hard for our larger competitors to be as positive with empty desks and recurring layoff announcements.

So, our challenges going forward will be to continue focusing on growth as our better capitalized competitors shake off their doldrums.

Glen Hiemstra

I am very interested in this question. In my work (I'm a professional futurist), I've been maintaining that "this is not our father's recession." The combination of economic, social and ecological factors -- of which energy is only one -- have simply not been seen before. The recovery will also be unprecedented; what comes out of this recession will be a very different world. I like to think that, while we will most certainly need to lower our expectations, (and there will be significant business challenges in this), the trade-off will be a much more balanced business environment -- one that includes some significant opportunities to thrive in the new economic era.


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