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November 14, 2008


mark brownlee

Has everyone in this nation lost sight of what capitalism is? It is competition for the dollar, to be the best in your business and by doing so stay in business and on top. This requires quality product, management and cost control. GM, Ford and Chrysler have consistently produced poor quality (planned obselence), wasted money developing autos counter to the changing needs of fuel consumption, clean air and reasonable cost of maintenance and operation. This to appease their cronies in the oil companies. The American public be damned! Now we have voted with our wallets. WE don't want thier high maintenance, poor quality, gas sucking iron piles. The biggest crime in bailing them out is we will be bailing out he UAW not the big three. The UAW is a union, a pirate organization that has stolen thier peoples pensions and left them in dire straights. I say bankruptcy is the only chance the automakers have to survive. They need to cut the UAW parasites from thier viens and start building vehicles we want. I would buy American if it wasn't poor quality. My last two GM products were ill-assembled early repair problem, poor quality vehicles. At least they didn't leave me on the side of the road like the Ford and Chrysler junk my friends bought. It is odd, I can build a hydrogen generator in my garage and take my V-6 3800 GM mid-size car up to 35 MPG from 20 MPG, yet with all the engineers and technology GM, Ford or Chrysler can't. Yes, your right, WON'T. Why? Well the oil companies won't like it first of all and secondly the hydrogen makes the engine live longer. I have heard all of their counter intel about it and I know they are full of it. I have a picture of and the patent application for a Hydrogen carbuerator from 1935 and it worked. Where did it go? It went the way of all gas saving, alternate fuel devices in the last fifty years. Bought by an oil or auto company and shelved. I built a carbuerator in the 1970s that took a 350 V-8 to thirty-five miles a gallon, what happened, I was threatened. Having a young family I sold it to the party interested. There are a hundred stories like that, the difference is I lived it. So, GM, Ford and Chrysler you made your beds, go lay in them. Toyota, Honda and even the Koreans have been building better cars, cars we bought because they run cheaper and longer with less operating costs. WE don't need to bail out the UAW or the big three. Big Three? Big ripoffs wining like babies for some more milk since they wasted theirs.


Could have more to do with the abysmal energy density of hydrogen and the fact that consumers don't want 50 mile range cars.

Larry Lesniak

Or this alternative:

There is no $50 billion bailout of the Big Three; the economy eventually recovers, but it takes two additional years to recover due to weight of Detroit's failure; and costs the Government $125 billion.

1,000,000 more unemployed at $400 a week adds up fast. And, slows everyones' recovery.


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