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October 30, 2008


John Limberakis

Dr. Conerly,

I love your blog. I frequently link to you and always get positive feedback. I know this will come off as greedy but I wish you wrote with greater frequency!


John Limberakis (SMU senior economics-political science-public policy major).


No mention of fiscal policies. It seems fairly certain that we will be entering a 2-4 year period, at least, of threatened or actual confiscatory tax rates and increased government spending, the union dogs set loose, and more opportunities for trial lawyer meddling in the productive economy. If these scenarios come to pass, do you foresee any impact from them on your economic forecast for 2009? I'm sure you don't want to get into politics, but a post on this issue, minus the names, would sure be useful. P.S. You have a very informative blog. I try to read it frequently, even though I'm not a businessman, just a retiree concerned about his retirement savings.

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