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June 24, 2008


Laurence Hunt


I think the answer is easy.

The inflation and unemployment numbers are increasingly inaccurate and distorted. The distortion itself is a trend, and I'm thinking it may be going parabolic at this point.

Look to John Williams for an honest effort to set the record straight.

The talk of shocking levels of inflation in many sectors is now out on the street, giving the lie to the massaged numbers emanating from official sources.

At some point, the official agencies will start telling the truth again - but not yet....

Mark Chambers

I wish I had data on which to rely, but methinks gas prices are "overweighted" because every trip to the gas station reminds people of their views of the current president, and Iraq. Folks from every political stripe buy gas, whether supporters want more done, or detractors want withdrawal. They feel helpless, and know that they now have to change their habits, which people prefer when they make the choice. It is no longer a choice over which they have any control.

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