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April 29, 2008



As a trader, when I feel stress that is when I know my positions are to big. Easy to deal with just manage the position differently. In managing people I always found it harder to deal with stress. I would get to know the person, family situtation etc etc. From there it was a lot harder to deal with.

Dave Perry

I work in the IT field and I am not convinced that our economy is so Bad, The Dow Jones is still over 10,000 and stocks are going up and down, not just down, down down, like if we were in a real ressesion.
Also I have recruiters calling me up and offering me jobs. So just because some greedy investment firm goes bankrupt, does not mean that the rest of America has to do the same. It is the news media who beef up the story for political gains, mostly bias toward democrats, read my site too and you will see the whole picture. Thanks.

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