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January 07, 2008



NewsVisual covered this story on Monday as well. It used an IntellectSpace Knowledge Map that focused on McDonald’s Board of Directors, which shows that some of them have strong connections to other retail-based companies. And some of these companies are decidedly upscale. This implies that McDonald’s might be well poised to take some more of Starbucks’ market-share.

Mario Rocha

Build a Starbucks across the street from every McDonalds? I think that one made Letterman's Top Ten also!

Wayne Pruner

Starbucks squeezed out many independent operators and now are being squeezed back. One huge corporation loses market share to another huge corporation. It was bound to happen. Starbucks needs to market that they just do one thing, coffee, and they do it well. Go after the people that can tell the difference between coffees.

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