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January 10, 2008


Jorge Torrealba, Techno Economist

Editor in Chief,

Dear Sir,

I have chosen your North American Publishing Branches to provide you with one -or two- manuscripts that you can convert into Best-Sellers now, when Barak Obama has reached the delegate number to be nominated.

This great American has just toppled the corporate mafia that owns the political establishment of Washington and – most likely - he will defeat McCain in November.

I am forwarding to your attention the following:

- Information required by most Publishers (Readership and Markets, Completion of the Manuscript,
Competition, Brief Resume of the Author, Author’s collaboration in Promotion),


- The number of words, the table of contents and INTRODUCTION, CHAPTER I AND CONCLUSION.

This is a unique engineered procedure to convert from what most people considers a corporate global fraud, into a global technical economy designed by my associates and I, to allow the President of the USA to have the technical means to be democratic, equalitarian and fair to all nations poor or rich, large or small, peaceful or belligerent. Obama must do it through the UN and as President of the USA he has the moral authority to contain the terminal crisis of Humanity. Just read the complete manuscript and you will agree with me. A Best-Seller is in the making if you carefully evaluate the uniqueness of this book, the right time to appear in the middle of the USA election and a few months ahead of the Canadian one.

The global monopoly of the USA dollar is an abusive cartel not a monetary system; we must return to the international rules of the 1800’s. My book is controversial because it demonstrates with technical facts that the corporate fraud is causing the economic penury of the people of America.


Jorge Torrealba, Director General,
Techno Economics International Consultants,
1103-5565 Cornwallis St, Halifax NS B3K 5K9, 902-448-7417.

If you agree with me that the publication is urgent, you may contact me by email or phone to get the manuscript by carrier or as an attachment. (I am enclosing just the same, a SASE with a postal coupon acceptable in the USA, because I live in Canada and cannot procure USA stamps)



The subject of Scientific Human Economics attracts readers of all languages because it is the only realistic solution to contain the corporate global fraud.

This is a “How To” treatise (in simple and precise language) on Scientific Human Economics that is presented for the first time in the English Speaking World. The Author has the back-up of all his colleagues in Techno Economics International Consultants {a non profit research Third World organization} and the confirmation of his research during over 20 years. He has already published three treatises on this novelty subject in Spanish ( and his researchers have contributed to the creation of the “Banco del Sur”, which is providing financial services to all the South American countries that have different political profiles, from socialism to fascism. The IMF and the World Bank are losing grip on Latin America because of the success of this new egalitarian financial institution that serves democratically its members, without strings attached. My colleagues are civil servants and influenced the decision of their governments.

The present economic crisis in the United States – wrongly tune down to a recession by the corporate media - is creating an immense market, particularly because the USA politicians are in the midst of a very enthusiastic electoral campaign where both Obama and Clinton are inspiring a new government of “change”. Obama will need a real scientific economic system if he indeed wants to achieve the change expected by the electors. The cheat of Globalization and the trillion debt of Bush will tie the next president’s hands because all the financing is hoarded by the Multinationals and Obama will have to listen to modern techno-economic solutions, what was normal for all countries prior to 1929. No politician in the Capitalistic World has the courage to face the facts of reality and tackle the global swindle. Over twenty years of research, development and completion of procedures make TEIC – International group of researchers - certain of the validity and efficiency of the solutions that we propose in my first book in English, which – from the engineering point of view – are extremely simple. The controversial nature of my first “English” publication can be used to make it a Best Seller during the electoral campaigns in the USA and later in Canada. Once a Best Seller in North-America, the translations of my “HOW TO ESCAPE CORPORATE GLOBAL FRAUD” can be sold all over the world by my Publisher through sub-agents.

Publishers must understand that this technical economy designed by engineers is exactly what Obama needs to operate a real change in the well-being of Americans, and, consequently, of the whole world. The Publisher that will manage the global success of this book will cash-in a bundle on the first document on techno-economics. Our engineered global solution is what the next president of the USA needs to keep his electoral promises. Literary quality is subjective; my work is books of precise technical reporting on innovation in modern Economics and must be judged by the technologic content and the financial return rather than by the style of writing the reports. In “How To” books, readers are looking for solutions, not poetry; their saleability rests in the quality and correctness of the solutions. Additionally, my book has the right kind of controversy in an electoral period in North America.

The manuscript is ready for publication. English is an acquired language of the author. The book needs a final language polish and the usual editing the Publisher may deem necessary. I have another complete manuscript on the same subject of Scientific Human Economics entitled CSIS, THE GESTAPO OF CANADA, which takes to task the political corruption of our present parliament and the crimes that CSIS committed on me and my family under orders of the Secretariat of Mulroney. Both are ready to be sent to you upon request.


No competition is foreseeable. The researchers in Europe started five years after my group (mainly engineers and academicians of Latin America), and I do not know of the publication of a competing book. This is the first in a series of treatises in English on the applications of Scientific Human Economics to all aspect of international trade and internal commerce, on financing Medicare, education, social services and on the improvement of the quality of life of Human Beings. We are now the leaders in the publication on the progress of Scientific Human Economics, which started in Spanish some 5 years ago (; three Books in Spanish, one in English, which are the only books on S.H.E. that we know have been written in the whole world). TEIC has invited Asian and African researchers to adopt our analogy and they have joined our group of specialists. (All my colleagues abroad have left the writing on S.H.E. to me as Director General, and I have several books on progress for publication twice a year after the publication of this “HOW TO ESCAPE THE CORPORATE GLOBAL FRAUD”. They are busy in their Third World countries working as consultants, academicians or in the civil service as experts in modern economics, attached to their Ministries of Economics).


Civil Engineer graduated Magna Cum Laude at Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal. He also holds a degree in mathematics from the Catholic University of Chile and an executive Diploma from the Board of Trade, Montreal.

He is fluent in three languages and reads three others. He has served Canadian and international Engineering Companies as structural designer, project manager, business development manager and vice-president, international contract negotiations. He was invited professor in Universities of Canada, Chile, Senegal and Cameroon. In the University of Yaoundé he started his research in Scientific Human Economics when he formed an international group of experts (Techno Economics International Consultants) of which Torrealba is Director General.


The author is at the disposal of the Marketing Director of his Publisher. He is a retired engineer and can offer 40-60 hrs/week to help in conferences, signing session and all other publicity organized by the Publisher.

We are initiating the production of a series entitled “HOW TO IN SCIENTIFIC HUMAN ECONOMICS” by the completion of this first manuscript in English, after three treatises in Spanish. We present in this first book the fundamental principles of Scientific Human Economics, and how it must be adopted in Canada, in the USA and at the United Nations.

I make a strong criticism of present corrupted politicking because it is corrupted and obsolete. Politics must give way to progress of the well-being of the citizens. The democratic foundation of this technology demands a cultural raise from fraudulent politicking to democratic representative Parliaments... That remains in the hands of the electors.

This first book speaks of how to have an enormous source of financing to solve the global and national economic problems and how to correct the corporate aggression to the environment. The chapter on environment was written to give a taste of the “How To” books that are ready to follow.

Jorge Torrealba

I am a Canadian Techno-Economist.

Obama must control the macro corporations, to give tax shelters to the small enterprises.

1)Corporate profit must be limit to 5%, unless invested in new forms of clean energy.

Executive salaries and bonuses must be limited to a total of 1/2 a million. Any benefit higher that 1/2 a million must be 100% taxable.

That's the only way you will control the abusive cost of fuel and all corporate products and services, and the Constitution of the USA gives power to the Congress to legislate on responsible economics

Hope Obasma wins, for the benefit of all the Nations on Earth.

Jorge Torrealba, Techno-Economist,
Halifax, NS, Canada


Often we forget the little guy, the SMB, in our discussions of the comings and goings of the Internet marketing industry. Sure there are times like this when a report surfaces talking about their issues and concerns but, for the most part, we like to talk about big brands and how they do the Internet marketing thing well or not so well.


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