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October 24, 2007


Rob Kremer

(If it doesn't get hard, that's an indication that you could consider getting a Ph.D.)

Yeah - In MATH!

I took a lot of higher level econ, and the only time it got hard was when the math got beyond me. Grad level econ seemed like ph.d math.


Hi there
Im from NZ.Not usa but attend the university of Auckland..quita good uni in my view.Anyways
I did biomed first year being born of arab descent but i didnt like it.Im talented in languages as i can speak fluent jap(colloquial thougj) and am studying japanese with business now 2nd year .
I have to choise my major in business next year.
Accounting finance are big no no's as its too typical and boring.IT seems good for jobs and management for HR? or economics sinec its such a 'diverse ' major?
Im good with people and networking(people) and real good with languages yet also good at entrepeneural stuff.
What major(or dble major) should i take?
Thanks again!!!!!!!!!

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